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At Dultra Cleaning Service, our mission is to streamline your business by taking care of the cleaning details. Trust us with the responsibility of maintaining a pristine office environment, so you can focus on what truly matters – the success of your business.
What is Included in Our Commercial Cleanings?
Our company provides regular cleaning for offices with a started minimum frequency of once a week, and a maximum of 5, Monday to Friday, day or night. For commercial cleaning, we offer one-time cleaning services, month by month, 3 month, 6 month or a year contracts. THE MORE FREQUENT THE CLEANING, THE LESS EACH CLEANING WILL COST.
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Entrance, lobby, offices, open space areas, teller machines, and conference e room:

Dust and clean all fixtures and office furniture including ling cabinets, desks, countertops, display units, picture frames, and window ledges.

Paper left on desks will not be disturbed.

All trash receptacles and recyclable receptacles emptied and taken to the appropriate dumpster.

All internal window and entrance glass dusted and wiped; smudges and fingerprints removed.

All telephones wiped clean and sanitized.

Drinking fountains sanitized.

Wipe clean all entry doors, glass and frames.

Dust mop and damp mop all uncarpeted floor.

Vacuum carpets and mats inside entrance doors.

Damp wipe all high and low shelves, surfaces, and corners beyond reach of normal nightly dusting up to 84 inches.

All internal glass partitions washed.

All office furniture, desks, shelves, etc. polished with the highest quality furniture polish when cleared of paper.

Dust all ceiling vents, blinds, baseboards and window sills.

Damp wipe waste cans.

Wipe clean baseboards as needed.

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Break Room:

Remove trash and replace plastic liners.

Wipe clean outside of refrigerator, microwave and trash can.

All kitchen counters, tables, and sinks will be cleaned with an approved disinfectant.

Wipe down kitchen cabinets.

Wipe down kitchen appliances.

Clean inside of microwave (Additional Charge).

Clean inside of refrigerator (Additional Charge).

Clean inside of oven (Additional Charge).

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Rest Room:

All restroom fixtures will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all metal surfaces will be cleaned and polished.

All restroom partition will be dusted and cleaned.

All restroom floors, walls behind urinals and rest room partitions will be washed and cleaned with a germicidal detergent.

Refill soap, towel, and tissue dispensers.

Collect trash and replace plastic liners.

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