Residential Cleaning Service:

Our mission is to make your life easier! Leave the heavy work of cleaning your house in our hands and enjoy more free time to dedicate to your family and your projects.

What’s Included in Our House Cleanings?

Regular Cleaning Service (each visit):

Our regular cleaning service includes (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Occasional)

  • Clean kitchen counters
  • Wipe down kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances
  • Clean outside of oven
  • Clean and disinfect the sink and faucet
  • Clean stainless-steel appliances
  • Empty trash cans
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean Inside of kitchen cabinets (Additional Charge)
  • Clean Inside of refrigerator (Additional Charge)
  • Clean Inside of oven (Additional Charge)
  • Clean and disinfect bowls, basins and seats of toilet
  • Polish fixtures and mirrors.
  • Clean shower glass
  • Scrub tubs/shower and bath
  • Dust, damp, disinfect and mop floors
  • Clean vanities
  • Empty trash cans and replace liners
Bedrooms and common areas:
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Dust windows sill
  • Dust ceilings fans
  • Dust air vents
  • Change bed linens/make Bed
  • Dust baseboards
  • Dust blinds
  • Dust picture frames
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Sweep and mop uncarpeted floors
  • Vacuum furniture upholstery
  • Dust and Polish Furniture
  • Sliding doors (Additional charge)

Choose between regular cleanings or one-time/specialty cleanings.

Regular Services

We offer a full array of regular, consistent, cleaning service options like weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Custom Services

Inside refrigerator, oven, cabinets? Sliding doors inside and outside, Absolutely! Just ask.

Initial Cleaning:

When you start your regular cleaning services with us, an initial cleaning will be carried out in your first service in those houses that, according to the inspection carried out by our staff, it is determined that they have not been deeply cleaned for a long time, in general this service will have a surcharge of 50% additional to what your regular payment will be. The initial cleaning is a one time deep cleaning that will take more the time and detailing of a regular service according to the cleaning conditions of the house, this will be established at the inspection, and you will receive a list of task that we will be done to bring your house cleaning up to date.

Move In/ Move Out (Deep Cleaning)

The Move in/ Move out deep cleaning, is carried out only in empty and unoccupied houses. In addition to the scope of work of a regular cleaning the cleaners mobilize and clean deeply inside and outside kitchen, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, closets, baseboards, doors, high areas, windows, sliding doors, lanai, patio area, corners, etc.

After Party Cleaning

Having a party and need to do a deep cleaning the next day? Call us and request a quote and we will gladly help you.


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